Devotion Guidelines for Meetings

CWF Devotion Guidelines

  • Word Length: 300-400 words
  • Devotions should adhere to the CWF purpose: to inspire other Christian writers; to share ideas, enthusiasm, motivation, and experience.
  • Devotion content:
    • Title
    • Quoted Bible verse (include reference and version)
    • Devotion
    • Short prayer
    • A Writing Activity
  • Reference in detail sources for any specific quotations or historical facts.
  • Use writing to appeal to the senses. When appropriate, use dialogue. Show, don’t tell. Object lessons work well in devotions.
  • Possible topics
    • Answering your call to write
    • Overcoming writer’s block
    • Dealing with rejection
    • Encouragement
    • Accepting help from others
    • Overcoming procrastination
    • Avoiding pride
    • Finishing
    • Finding time to write
    • Writing your testimony
    • Getting published
    • Writing goals

If we decide to pursue publishing devotions, a committee will be formed to manage the process.