CWF 2018 Schedule

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January 6

  • Devotions by Joyce Love (Chapter 20, “Use Your Eyes and Ears”)
  • Lesson: “Quality Not Quantity” by Sandy Jordan
  • Small Group Edits
  • Membership Dues, $15 (Deadline is February 1, 2018!)
  • New officers start in their positions

February 3

  • Devotions by Julie-Anne Harlan (Chapter 21, “Watch Your Tongue”)
  • Lesson: “Prayer and the Writer” by Barbara Gordon
  • Large Group Critiques
  • Conference Registrations

March 3

  • Devotions by Becky McDonald (Chapter 22, “Be Cautious”)
  • Conference Planning
  • Small Group Edits
  • Conference Registrations


May 5

  • Devotions by Barbara Gordon (Chapter 23, “Hope”)
  • Lesson: TBA by Julie-Anne Harlan
  • Small Group Edits
  • Brainstorming
  • Conference Evaluation

June 2

  • Devotions by Orville Jordan (Chapter 24, “Apply Your Heart”)
  • Lesson: “Storytelling” by Julane Hiebert
  • Large Group Critiques

July 7

  • Devotions by Amy Bellairs (Chapter 25, “Cut Those Words”)
  • Lesson: “Editing” by Jena Feller
  • Small Group Edits

August 4

  • Devotions by Neoma Foreman (Chapter 26, “Don’t Be Wise in Your Own Eyes”)
  • Lesson: “Flash Fiction” by Sandy Jordan
  • Small Group Edits

September 1

  • Devotions by Carol Russell (Chapter 27, “Help One Another”) (To be held during lunch at Papa Don’s)
  • Field Trip to Lowell Milken Center (10 AM) and Old Fort in Fort Scott (1 PM)…Bring your spouse/friend!
  • Small Group Edits
  • Brainstorming

October 6

  • Devotions by Julane Hiebert (Chapter 28, “Get Busy and Work”)
  • Lesson: “Tips on Selling a Magazine Article” by Neoma Foreman
  • Large Group Critiques
  • Sign-ups for devotions
  • List of Members for 2 years

November 3

  • Devotions by Julie-Anne Harlan (Chapter 29, “Stop and Think”)
  • Lesson: “Writing Devotions from Personal Experience” by Joyce Love
  • Small Group Edits
  • Membership Dues
  • Plan for Christmas Party
  • Sign-ups for Lessons
  • Nominations for Officers

December 1

  • Devotions by Jim Bellairs (Chapter 30, “Speak Up”)
  • Christmas Party
  • Small Group Edits
  • Elect officers
  • Membership Dues ($15)



Meetings are held at 9:30 AM at the House of Prayer Church in Riverton, Kansas. The church is located straight south of Pittsburg on Hwy 69.

*All current members are encouraged to bring 5 to 10 copies of no more than five (5) double-spaced pages of something they would like critiqued.

**Devotions are from Writers’ Devotions to Go, written by LeAnn Campbell.

Please note: we currently can not accept payment online. Please email us at for the address to mail dues to.


Book Review by Julie-Anne Harlan

A Place To Call Home
Written by Deborah Ann Dykeman
A delightful story about two strong-willed women. One in the 18th century, living in Rubyville, Kansas, the town her parents founded. The other, her namesake, who is restoring the old family home. Determined, alone and not trusting God to be in her life, Annabella meets Michael Langworthy in the summer of 1980.
Brew a cup of herbal tea or a pumpkin spice coffee, curl up in your favorite place, then begin reading to discover what happens in their lives, and how the love of God guides them.
But be prepared! You’ll stay up all night reading.
                      ~Julie- Anne Harlan, the ‘all-night reader’
Available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon. (Click here)

September Book Review, featuring Jane Landreth (written by Neoma Foreman)

Jane Landreth Writes for the Lord

By Neoma Foreman

Endurance and perseverance are words that describe Jane Landreth, a freelance writer with over 40 years of writing experience. She has published seven children’s books, one being Kid’s Guide to Bible Animals.

The Kid’s Guide to Bible Animals has over 100 fascinating entries and lists every Bible animal, bird, and insect—from antelopes to worms. The book is perfect for reading with your child before bedtime. Many of the stories end with a “Did you Know. . .” which is a conversation starter about God’s greatness in nature and can lead to the child realizing God loves them even more than the animals.

Another book, Gems of Nature, is a devotional book of remembrance when she truly felt God’s love reach down as she observed the precious gifts from God’s world of nature.

Jane has written over 3000 stories, articles, games, puzzles and various manuscripts which are published in religious magazines. She has edited a Christian school first-grade reading program and co-authored seven creative idea books. She has also written, and continues to write, several children’s Bible curriculums and a newspaper column. Some of her material has been translated into various languages such as Russian, Romanian, Haitian, Creole and Spanish. She taught writing at Ozark Technical College in Springfield, MO, and taught “Writing Your Memoirs” at Neosho County Community College in Chanute, KS.  For ten years, Jane taught three college level writing classes for the Institute of Children’s Literature, a distant-learning school in CT.

Traveling three times to Belarus (Old Soviet Country), Jane taught church teachers and leaders how to write Bible material for their children’s classes. She has a passion for reaching especially children for the Lord.

She continues writing and you can find her books on Amazon.

These are the books she has written:

  • Bible Prayers for Bedtime
  • Bible Miracles for Bedtime
  • Bible Animal Stories for Bedtime.
  • Kid’s Guide to Bible Animals
  • Bedtime Bible Stories
  • Creations and Bible Animals
  • Sammy, the Too-Small Squirrel
  • Gems of Nature



August Book Review, featuring Julane Hiebert (written by Barbara Gordon)

Brides of a Feather Trilogy
Reviewed by Barbara Gordon71C2G-6NxTL._US230_

“He didn’t come. Now you’re alone. We told you so. Now you’re alone.”

From that first paragraph in the Brides of a Feather Trilogy, to the last word in the final book, Julane Hiebert captures life on the prairie in the late 1800s through her charming writing style. The Christian historical novels are published by Wings of Hope Publishing Group. The paperback books range from 248-326 pages. They are also available on Kindle.

The story centers around the Wenghold sisters, Robin, Lark, and Wren. Upon their father’s passing, the girls inherited an overwhelming debt. An uncle they have never met offers help—going to Kansas to work on his cattle ranch. Each of the three books, named for the main character, chronicles the struggles Robin, Lark, and Wren endure as they move one by one. The plot is engaging and believable. You will grow to love each girl as you identify with the hard lessons they learn. Be assured, the surprise developments will keep you engaged throughout the series.

Not only is Julane skilled in crafting a compelling story, but this cowboy’s daughter’s scenery descriptions compel the reader to share her love of the prairie. Her depiction of the environmental beauty and dangers in the west will transport you to the very scene of action.

If you are looking for romance, a hint of mystery, and adventure, these books should find their way into your library. The antics of her ordinary not-too-perfect characters will delight you to the very end.

Brides of a Feather trilogy (Amazon)


July Book Review, featuring Neoma Foreman (written by Sally U. Smith)

Gold Mine for History Buffs

Book Review by Sally U. Smith

Local historian Neoma Foreman has put together a three-volume set of The Walker Herald from 1892-1931. Foreman transcribed these books from old newspaper copies which now are not available. Each book is about 150 pages and contains an every-name index.

These volumes are a fantastic find for those who had relatives in Walker, Missouri, and Vernon County, Missouri. Even though you may not have any known family ties, the books are a fun read.

These books provide a gold mine of information for the history buff. They are a portal to the past of everyday life in small towns during this period. Authors of historical fiction and nonfiction will also find these books useful in their research. The set is a steal for $45.

You may obtain the complete three-volume set of The 1892-1931Walker Herald by writing: Cedar/Vernon County Genealogy Society, c/o Neoma Foreman, 14695 S. C Hwy, Walker, MO 64790. Please write the check to: Cedar/Vernon County Genealogy Society for $50 which includes the price of the set and shipping.





Neoma Foreman also tackled a gathering of fragments of information about the Vernon County Schools. From her research, she has written two books. The first is a 251-page book entitled Readin’, ‘Ritin’, ‘n’ ‘Rithmetic: The Story of Vernon County’s Country Schools. This book divulges many hard-to-find facts about the 130-rural-one-room schools of Vernon County, Missouri from their beginning to their close in the 1950’s. The tome contains an every-name index which is handy for the researcher or the curious.

For a mere $25, Readin’, Ritin’, ‘n’ Rithmetic can be bought. Make your checks payable to: Vernon County Historical Society and mail payment to: Bushwhacker Museum, 231 North Main, Nevada, MO 64772.

Readin, 'Ritin, 'n' 'Rithmetic. The Story of Vernon County's County Schools 001 (1)


A second book of educational history by Neoma Foreman is Walker High School, Home of the Purple and Gold. This treasure contains many pictures of the students and school. The 80-page history of WHS covers the years from 1882 to 1992. You can obtain your own copy for $15. Make the check payable to: Walker School Alumni and mail it: c/o Neoma Foreman, 14695 S. C Hwy, Walker, MO 64790.

Walker High School 1883-1992 Book (2)

Neoma Foreman has also written two other history books. Both are out of print. However, if you and other history buffs cannot get enough, Foreman can get these books when she receives twenty orders. Check with her about the details of the books.