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CWF 2018 Schedule

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January 6

  • Devotions by Joyce Love (Chapter 20, “Use Your Eyes and Ears”)
  • Lesson: “Quality Not Quantity” by Sandy Jordan
  • Small Group Edits
  • Membership Dues, $15 (Deadline is February 1, 2018!)
  • New officers start in their positions

February 3

  • Devotions by Julie-Anne Harlan (Chapter 21, “Watch Your Tongue”)
  • Lesson: “Prayer and the Writer” by Barbara Gordon
  • Large Group Critiques
  • Conference Registrations

March 3

  • Devotions by Becky McDonald (Chapter 22, “Be Cautious”)
  • Conference Planning
  • Small Group Edits
  • Conference Registrations


May 5

  • Devotions by Barbara Gordon (Chapter 23, “Hope”)
  • Lesson: TBA by Julie-Anne Harlan
  • Small Group Edits
  • Brainstorming
  • Conference Evaluation

June 2

  • Devotions by Orville Jordan (Chapter 24, “Apply Your Heart”)
  • Lesson: “Storytelling” by Julane Hiebert
  • Large Group Critiques

July 7

  • Devotions by Amy Bellairs (Chapter 25, “Cut Those Words”)
  • Lesson: “Editing” by Jena Feller
  • Small Group Edits

August 4

  • Devotions by Neoma Foreman (Chapter 26, “Don’t Be Wise in Your Own Eyes”)
  • Lesson: “Flash Fiction” by Sandy Jordan
  • Small Group Edits

September 1

  • Devotions by Carol Russell (Chapter 27, “Help One Another”) (To be held during lunch at Papa Don’s)
  • Field Trip to Lowell Milken Center (10 AM) and Old Fort in Fort Scott (1 PM)…Bring your spouse/friend!
  • Small Group Edits
  • Brainstorming

October 6

  • Devotions by Julane Hiebert (Chapter 28, “Get Busy and Work”)
  • Lesson: “Tips on Selling a Magazine Article” by Neoma Foreman
  • Large Group Critiques
  • Sign-ups for devotions
  • List of Members for 2 years

November 3

  • Devotions by Julie-Anne Harlan (Chapter 29, “Stop and Think”)
  • Lesson: “Writing Devotions from Personal Experience” by Joyce Love
  • Small Group Edits
  • Membership Dues
  • Plan for Christmas Party
  • Sign-ups for Lessons
  • Nominations for Officers

December 1

  • Devotions by Jim Bellairs (Chapter 30, “Speak Up”)
  • Christmas Party
  • Small Group Edits
  • Elect officers
  • Membership Dues ($15)



Meetings are held at 9:30 AM at the House of Prayer Church in Riverton, Kansas. The church is located straight south of Pittsburg on Hwy 69.

*All current members are encouraged to bring 5 to 10 copies of no more than five (5) double-spaced pages of something they would like critiqued.

**Devotions are from Writers’ Devotions to Go, written by LeAnn Campbell.

Please note: we currently can not accept payment online. Please email us at for the address to mail dues to.

First meeting of the year!


January 6th was the first 2018 meeting for the Christian Writers Fellowship. We have a new location in Riverton, Kansas, so let us know if you’re interested in joining us.

It’s not too late to send in your dues to be a member for 2018. Comment below if you’d like to be sent information. Dues are $15. The deadline is February 1, 2018.

Joyce Love gave the devotion, and business reports followed. Sandy Jordan presented a lesson on “Quality, Not Quantity”, particularly pertaining to writing devotions. Small group critiques followed.

Plans are wrapping up the upcoming conference! Keep an eye out here and on Facebook for information!

The next meeting will be on February 3rd, at 9:30 am. Barbara Gordon will be giving the lesson.

New meeting location: House of Prayer Church, 6090 SE Hwy 69, Riverton, KS. The church is straight south of Pittsburg on Hwy 69.


2017 Mini Conference

Christian Writer’s Fellowship of Girard, KS

The Christian Writer’s Fellowship is a group of Christian writers who meet monthly in Girard, KS for writing lessons, devotions, and small group edits.

New This Year: A One Day Mini Conference

mini conference front 18893252_771876286326982_3858919703511926414_n


August 5, 2017, 9 AM – 3 PM

Workshops offered: 

  • Formatting for CreateSpace: Britta Meadows
  • Designing your Own Covers: Deborah Dykeman
  • Online Research: Jeanetta Chrystie
  • Open Discussion on Marketing: Panel Discussion

RSVP to Julane at by July 31, 2017

The Christian Writer’s Fellowship also hosts an annual Called To Write Conference each spring.

Check back soon for more information about the 2018 conference.

For information about the 2017 conference hosted last Spring, click here.