Book Review by Amy Bellairs

“Postmark: Oklahoma; The Letters of Rollin Anthis and Maude Eggleston”
edited by Trena Lieb

This book is a collection of actual letters written by two young people in a long distance
relationship in the early 1900’s before Oklahoma had achieved statehood. Reading this book is like discovering a time capsule from that period and catching a glimpse of turn-of-the-century life in this area of the country. The dialogue was interesting and it was intriguing to note the development of the relationship from letter to letter as time moved forward year by year for the two lovers. What began as fond friendship climaxed to engagement and then marriage as the epilogue fills the reader in on the “rest of the story.” This was a time when patience was of great necessity and there are many references by the authors of the letters to wishing time to hurry on. What an amazing record of family history is recorded here and shared with the reader.

Anyone with a longing to learn more about this time period, explore life experiences in the Oklahoma territories, as well as enjoy a wholesome romance will enjoy reading this unique treasure.

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Collision with Destiny (Review by Joyce Love)

Collision With Destiny by Neoma Foreman

Reviewed by Joyce Love

Based on actual facts, Collision with Destiny, written by Neoma Foreman, grabs your attention from the first page. What could cause such excitement and anticipation? Fifteen Model Ts parading past the local school! But the first automobiles did have their limits and a surprising accident starts a chain of events that leads to romance, excitement, and even an inside toilet.

From nursing the injured, caring for her ill mother, and doing the chores, Priscilla Dalton is a busy young lady. But when the handsome young Stan Zingg accidentally enters the picture, she is subject to a host of new adventures.

Be sure to add a copy of Collision with Destiny to your collection and get a taste of life in the early 1900s. Neoma’s vivid description of the time period with added bits of humor will hold your interest and keep you reading to the end.


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