2019 Conference

Come join us!

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April 4-6, 2019

Motel check-in begins at 3 PM
Conference Registration begins at 4 PM


La Quinta Motel
2410 S. Broadway, Pittsburg, KS

Rooms are available at a discounted rate until March 21 (ask for the Called to Write Christian Writers Conference rate).


Conference Registration

Meals are not provided, and will be attendees’ choice.

Email calledtowriteconference@gmail.com to request a registration form.

Conference Registration (does not include lodging or meals): $75

Please note: we currently can not accept payment online.




Daniel J. Mawhinney is the bestselling author of Tips on Tips, How to Succeed as a Professional Server, the accompanying Workbook, and Trainers’ Guide. He is a gifted speaker, an accomplished business owner, trainer, and business consultant. A great day for Daniel is one spent in the company of a great book. His love of learning has paved the way for success in his chosen field. He loves spending time relaxing with his wife (although 40 Day Publishing may be the one and only book he co-authors with her) and his children. Daniel lives in Oklahoma City with his wife (who has not yet kicked him out for writing run-on sentences) and son. He has one adult daughter who is trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life. His message to her is…, well, he doesn’t have one since he has just figured out where he’s going with his own. These things take time! Daniel enjoys playing with his son, volunteering at his church, and traveling.  He especially loves eating the food his wife cooks for him and a great cup of coffee.



Darlene Shortridge is the bestselling author of Until Forever, Forever Blessed, Forever LovedThe LetterThe Perfect Gift and Forever Faithful.
She is a sought after speaker for women’s ministries, retreats, schools, and writer’s groups. She is often mentoring other authors online as well as through their consulting business.  Darlene loves to share knowledge (sometimes a little too much) and takes joy from seeing others succeed, whether professionally or personally. 40 Day Publishing is her first co-authored book with her husband and it very well may be her last. She has nicknamed him “writing bully” and he has pridefully embraced the nickname.  He in turn often reminds her to breathe, keep calm, and move along. Darlene homeschools their son and tries to positively influence their daughter who lives in a faraway land (which is exactly why their daughter lives in a faraway land).  Darlene enjoys scrapbooking, volunteering at her church, and traveling. She loves to cook for her husband (who loves to eat) and entertaining friends and family.




All critiques are to be submitted by email attachment to julhiebert@gmail.com. Author’s name and title/genre are to be placed in subject heading of email and on first page of manuscript to be critiqued. Do not submit in the body of the email. Payment is to be included in the total amount when registering.
The deadline for all critique submissions is March 15, 2019. Limited space is available, so be sure to register as soon as possible.

The fee for critiques does not benefit CWF but will be given to each one providing the critique. Mark on the registration form which person you wish to have critique your manuscript.


Darlene Shortridge (Fiction):

First chapter, double spaced, plus one-page synopsis.

Jane Landreth (Children’s Fiction):

First chapter, double spaced, plus one-page synopsis. 

Barbara Gordon (Adult Nonfiction and Devotionals):

First chapter, double spaced, plus one-page synopsis. 

Sally Jadlow (Poetry):

Poems are to be no longer than one page; you may submit up to 5 poems.

Britta Ann Meadows (Peas in a Pod Editing & Design)

Britta will also offer the opportunity for help navigating Facebook, Microsoft Word, and/or KDP.




Conference Schedule:

schedule for site


Writing Contest:

Writing Contest Rules

Adult Nonfiction: Limit 1,200 words

Adult Fiction: Limit 1,500 words

Devotional: Limit 500 words

Poetry (rhymed or free verse): Limit one single-spaced page

Children’s Nonfiction: Limit 1,200 words

Children’s Fiction: Limit 1,500 words

Entrants must be registered for the conference. Entries must be received by midnight on February 28, 2019.

SEND CONTEST ENTRIES TO: calledtowriteconference@gmail.com

– Submit only entries which are unpublished and have not previously won a CWF award.
– Submit via email. Each entry should be sent in a separate email. Subject line should say “Writing Contest”. In body of email, type the title, category, author’s name, mail address, e-mail address, and phone number. Attach one PDF or .doc file in standard manuscript format—Times New Roman, size 12, left-aligned, double-spaced. Do NOT put author’s name on manuscript.
– Only one entry per category. A $5.00 fee is required for each entry. Payment for contest entries should be included with registration.
– Entries not in compliance with procedures and rules will be disqualified.

Prize in each category: $15.00 for 1st place, $10.00 for 2nd, $5.00 for 3rd

Payment for contest entries should be included with registration. Submissions for contest will not be accepted until proof of payment.


Read-Around Groups:

Feel free to bring something you’ve written or are currently working on to share.

Books for Sale:

Books for Sale

Our guest speakers and our current CWF member authors will be selling books and will be available for book signings. All book sales by speakers and CWF members are subject to a 15% consignment fee.
(Must be a current paid member by January 31, 2019, in order to sell books.)

There will also be some used books that attendees may ‘buy’ with a voluntary donation.


Conference Sessions:

Thursday Keynote
Presented by Daniel J. Mawhinney and Darlene Shortridge

Join us for an informal, intimate time of sharing and encouraging. We will share our story, some of the unique trials and some of the greatest accomplishments as we set about our journey in the writing world. Each point in our journey, every major decision, every last bit of endurance exerted has led us to where we are today…and is leading us on the road to our ultimate destination.



Keynote: Red Sea and Red Ink!
Presented by Darlene Shortridge

Moses and the modern-day writer—and you thought they had absolutely nothing in common, didn’t you? I’m betting you have more in common with Moses than you thought!


The Path Less Travelled—Your Publishing Options
Presented by Darlene Shortridge

Darlene will be sharing the talk that started it all. Learn facts and figures, pros and cons to all three publishing platforms.



The Author Email Marketing Machine
Presented by Daniel J. Mawhinney

Discover why email is the “weapon of choice” in a successful author’s marketing arsenal. Learn how to leverage the power of email to get the results you want, specifically: how to grow your audience, find more readers, and sell more books.

In Part 1 we will be covering:
Why email? When there is 1,001 ways to market your book, why is email at the top of the list? There are 5 great reasons!
Kicking Butt & taking names! Begging readers to “sign up for my newsletter list” should be a thing-of-the-past. Get your readers begging YOU to sign up when you have an ‘email collection system’ that runs on auto-pilot!

In Part 2 we will be covering:
Now that you have all of these email addresses, what do you do with them? Learn how to use “magical email” to slowly but surely get your readers to know you, like you and trust you.
Develop a core messaging strategy (and calendar) that resonates with your readers.



Building Your Street Team
Presented by Darlene Shortridge

How do I get more reviews?
How do I build a platform?
How do get a buzz going about my newest book?
How do I get into libraries?

A street team does all this and more! And no, a street team isn’t only for best sellers or famous authors. A street team can help launch you and your books from right where you are to the next level. Learn how to build your own street team and learn how to effectively use the team to promote your next best seller.



Please note: we currently can not accept payment online.

Please email calledtowriteconference@gmail.com if you have any questions.